Monday, April 27, 2009

A Word of Introduction

With the coming Swine Flu apocalypse, now seems a good time to make judgments. To stake a claim for what is right in the world, and what is deeply, incontrovertibly bread-and-butter-pickle wrong. What Jesus would do, and what Jesus would only do on Mescaline.

The opinions that will appear on this blog (hopefully posted with relative frequency), are admittedly mine alone. Rest assured, however, that they are correct. Exhaustive research and sleepless nights will lie behind every word, driving it to the path of righteousness. Snacks will be consumed often, but only in the service of the truth, and usually in the form Gummy Bears.

So. Let's get started.


Drew said...

Wait. Did you make everything else go bye-bye? What of the anecdotes and memories and, more importantly, all the funny comments I left?

By WV for this is "facker" by the way. I can only guess that this is not coincidental.

Dina said...

Sadly, my old blog posts are no more. You may not have noticed (or just grew immune to them over time), but I spoke often of things like, but not limited to: lady parts, vaguely illicit activities, the fact that I do not like to exert myself, or really move in any way. These things make me sound creepy and obese. This is my attempt to not do that anymore. Also, I'm going to try to write about stuff that someone might care about who doesn't know me.

But thanks for the comment. You were my first commenter in the last incarnation of this blog, and the first now. I find this neat and it pleases me greatly.