Monday, February 07, 2011

A Tale of Utter Disdain

Chapter 1: The Expansion

Hark. You. You with the face. What are you looking at? What are you saying? I hate you.

Did you say I look like 27th president William Howard Taft? I could kill you. I could kill you right now.

Cease your blabbering. Do not dare patronize me. I do not desire your scratchies. I'm attempting to find and thenceforth lick my own asshole. Leave me.

'Sblood! What's that?

What's this?!

Oh. It's a stick.

Fuck you.

Chapter 2: The Shaving

I did not think I had within me greater hate. I thought my abhorrence of your presence was total and complete. But I have found within my soul a hidden cavern brimming with a new venom.

I hate you so much right now.

Dear God. Smite them now.

Satan. Master. Avenge me. AVENGE ME.

Why are you leaning down? Why are you... Why are you coming toward me?

Oh god oh god oh god

Oh god oh god


The End


Yana said...

Oh so much hate, and I couldn't stop laughing. Well done.

Camellia said...

That is fantastic. The devil cat really does look like William Howard Taft, which made me give it a deep, old-timey sort of voice in my head. I'm sure you wanted to know...